By the Numbers EP

by Airlooms

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released September 6, 2012

All songs were written, performed, and poorly-engineered by James Piscura.



all rights reserved


Airlooms Kent, Ohio

Kent, OH.

A basement recording project that never went anywhere.

Originally inspired by James Tilly Matthews and the Air Loom described in John Haslam's Illustrations of Madness.

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Track Name: Leveled Out
Leveled out
The chemicals have settled now
Lately, the sweetest sound
Is the white noise
In the background

I lost my pen,
My will to think
I lost the buzz
Of a creative streak

Lost the will
To sleep at night
The record skips
It's no surprise
It's no surprise

I lost the will
To sleep at night
It's no surprise
Track Name: Live by the Numbers
Risk in the breeze,
Riding our backs
As Cadillac cars
Come trampling past.
The luxary nightlife,
It comes with a cost:
You drown in the bullshit
To be something you're not.

Smile like you're satisfied,
Laugh like you're cured
You pose for the freak-show,
Whatever it's worth.

Measure the moments
And cut out the waste.
We live by the numbers
And we die by the days.

Breathe in the poison
And brush off the stains.
The pains in your chest
Pound to keep you awake.

Through heartache and romance,
Love as a game:
A gamble for passion,
A slap in the face,

A try for the moment
When time fades away,
Where the answers are simple
But they're all that remain.

Measure the moments
And cut out the waste.
We live by the numbers and we die by the days.
Track Name: Rusty Substitute
The rusty substitutes
They keep their eyes all glued to you
They watch with attitude
They watch for one wrong move from you

But you're never wrong

You're clever full of tricks
You run the show until they're pissed
And when they finally flip
You find you'd rather just blend in

Does it feel wrong?

But once they call on you
You find the answers all get
Tangled up and screwed

Was it all fluke
With the rusty substitute?